My myID request was rejected, what does that mean?

Published 13/12/2017 08:45 AM   |    Updated 21/02/2018 10:05 AM

Remember that the photo you see when you click save is the photo you are asking us to put on your card - we cannot amend it after you have submitted it.

Top ten reasons for ID card photos being rejected:

  1. Your image hasn't uploaded corrected and is sideways, upside down, or is distorted (you might need to use a different picture)
  2. Your image includes more than one person
  3. Your image is of more than just your head and shoulders
  4. Parts of your face do not show - we need to see your whole face
  5. Your face is obscured by dark glasses (if these are required for a medical reason please let us know)
  6. Your face was not in the middle of the image
  7. The camera/ face was tilted to far up or down when the image was taken
  8. The image is not clear and sharply focused
  9. You are an external student and your supporting ID did not include a picture
  10. A filter has been used which as distorted your image

You can find the guidelines for your picture upload here.

If you are having difficulties determining why it may have been rejected please contact Campus Central and we can provide you more details. Alternatively you can attend Campus Central and we can assist you in person.

If the photo you submitted was found to be offensive then you will be contact separately regarding the matter. Note this is considered a breach of Code of Conduct for Students and Code of Good Practice: Student Behaviour.

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