What should I do if I think the University has made a mistake in assessing my progress?

Published 25/01/2017 09:50 AM   |    Updated 02/04/2018 12:35 AM

For those students who have received a notified 1 or 2 letter, the system used for assessing academic progress is based on rules and applied consistently to every student record.

An incorrect assessment can only be made if there is a late approval of grades. This may be:

  • due to a course being timetabled to finish later in the year than the standard First and Second Semesters.
  • due to delays in marking or examining work
  • as a result of an approved application for deferred or supplementary assessment

These additional grades may change your academic review result, if so you will be informed in writing.

If you believe that your academic standing should change with the addition of late results (or results from deferred or supplementary assessment) and you have not been informed of a change contact Campus Central who will check your current academic standing.

For those students who have received notified 3 letters, academic progress is automatically assessed against the rules, but then a Division committee subsequently review each individual's record and make a decision about whether to either preclude a student or require that they meet the Program Director for further academic counselling. You can appeal against the decision to preclude, but cannot appeal against a requirement to meet for formal academic counselling.

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