How will I take an online exam?

Published 02/08/2017 11:10 AM   |    Updated 01/07/2018 12:40 AM

Online exams are taken on your own computer in your own home, however regular exam conditions and rules still apply. This means you must be in a room on your own with no unauthorised materials present. Your computer will require a webcam and microphone and the minimum system requirements.  You will need to complete the familiarisation exercise to confirm your system requirements and prepare yourself for the exam. You will download software that records both your screen and webcam during the exam. The exam footage is invigilated at the conclusion of the exam and any breach in exam procedures will be reported to the academic integrity officer for consideration. Online Exams - RPnow Help will give you instructions and steps to follow on how to set up your room for an online exam and provides a list of exam rules.  The Assessment Policy and Procedure Manual (APPM) provides information on procedures for online examinations.

Visit the Online Exams - RPnow Help page
Complete the familiarisation exercise

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