Guidelines for submitting documents electronically

Published 23/06/2017 04:08 PM   |    Updated 31/01/2018 12:31 AM

This is a guideline that outlines the acceptance of documents submitted electronically.

  • The University accepts the electronic submission of forms and supporting documentation on range of processes. As a condition of accepting electronically submitted documents, the University reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the documents by any means considered convenient.
  • A student may be requested at any time to provide original documentation for verification. The student must be able to produce original documents within reasonable timeframe.
  • The submission of false or misleading documentation by students will be considered misconduct and the relevant actions taken in accordance with University misconduct policies
  • Failure to provide original documentation for verification when requested may result in withdrawal of the offer of a place, cancellation of enrolment and, where relevant, rescinding of any awards conferred if the information used as the basis for admission cannot be verified.

Correctly scanning supporting documents:



Scan the original document in colour Black and white photocopies, fax copies and certified copies are not accepted
Scan the document upright and at its original size      Cropped, tilted, skewed, distorted and / or incomplete will not be accepted
  Digital photographs and scans from smartphone applications will not be accepted
If a document has more than one page, scan all pages      Incomplete documents will not be accepted
If a document is larger than A4, scan the document in A4 sized portions without size reduction       
If a document has markings or text on both sides of the document, include both sides   

Documents submitted that are determined as unacceptable and requested for a re-scanned submission will result in a delay of processing. If the re-submitted documents is still unacceptable then the University will request the hard-copy original document or correctly certified copy of the original document in hard copy.

Correctly saving and name supporting documents

  • Current UniSA students are able to use the printers on campus to scan documents. Please refer to our Ask IT technical support page as to how scanning at UniSA can be done.
  • Scanned documents are only accepted in the following formats:
    .jpg    .jpeg    .pdf    .png    .tif
  • File size of any single document should not exceed 4.8MB.
  • The resolution of the scans must enable the text; in particular fine or small size text, punctuation, and decimal points to be legible.
  • It is recommended that scans be named to reflect the type of document and included your student ID number.
    Example: A request to the University for an Academic Transcript scanned in .pdf format may be named transcript_IDxxxxxxxxxx.pdf.

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