How do I apply for Credit?

Published 22/03/2017 09:55 AM   |    Updated 31/03/2018 01:04 AM

Credit can be granted for either prior studies at University of South Australia or other higher education institutions, as well as for recognition of prior learning through life and work experience.

To apply for credit:

  1. Visit our online credit assessor if you are applying for credit based on prior studies. We have a large number of pre-approved credit arrangements for a number of institutions. Complete the steps on the credit assessor to see if you qualify for pre-approved credit. If you are eligible for pre-approved credit make sure you record the credit agreement number you are given, you will need this for Step 2.
  2. To apply for you will need to complete an online Application for Credit form. If the credit assessor showed you are eligible for preapproved credit make sure you include this on the form, it will help expedite your application.

Submitting your application:

You application is submitted electronically, and scanned original or certified copies of your supporting documents* need to be attached to your application.

*Supporting Documents

If you are applying for credit from another institution you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A copy of your academic record (e.g. transcript), showing the grading scale
  • A copy of your parchment or certificate (if your award was completed)
  • A syllabus or other document showing the scope and content of work completed.

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