What is academic review?

Published 25/01/2017 09:50 AM   |    Updated 04/07/2018 11:33 AM

Twice a year, the University assesses each student's performance over the previous six months.

Your results for each six-month period are checked to see if you have made satisfactory progress in your academic program, or to see if you are identified as making unsatisfactory progress.

The University identifies unsatisfactory progress as:

  • failing a course for the second time, or
  • failing a course during the academic review period, resulting in the grade point average (GPA) for that period being less than 2.8, or
  • failing a practicum or clinical placement, where that failure constitutes failure of the course

An update review process is run after the deferred exam period to capture late, or additional, results. If your review status changes due to these new results you will be informed in writing.


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