What should I do if I need to request an extension for an assignment?

Published 25/01/2017 09:50 AM   |    Updated 02/04/2018 12:35 AM

*This question is specific to OUA students only*

Extensions to assignment due dates

Extensions to assignment submission dates are not granted for some units. Please check your Unit Information book for specific unit/course requirements.

For most units a standard 7-day extension policy is provided. Students should note the following:

  • Extensions are only available for medical or compassionate grounds or special circumstances. Circumstances such as workload (university or employment), taking a holiday, being overseas or any situation within the control of the student do not qualify as grounds for an extension.
  • Extensions must be requested via the extensions link found on the unit's home page, must be lodged prior to the due date of the assignment and be accompanied with documentation evidencing the circumstances requiring the extension.
  • Requests for an extension of time for submission of an assignment should be made at least two days before the due date of the assignment.
  • The Request for extension to assignment due date form and lodgement instructions are available on the Learnonline resource page for your unit.

Extension requests of more than 7 days

  • The request for more than 7 day extension to assignment due date form is available on the Learnonline resource page for your unit.
  • Requests for more than 7 days extension forms should be emailed to the School Office for a decision (see address details in the Welcome section of your Unit Information booklet).
  • In requesting an extension of more than 7 days, you are required to include a written statement which explains the reason why this extension is needed and any other supporting documentation. For example, if your reason is health-related, you should attach a medical certificate.

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