Will my previous studies count towards my new degree?

Published 25/01/2017 09:50 AM   |    Updated 02/04/2018 12:35 AM

Students who transfer to a new program may be eligible to receive credit for previous UniSA studies. If previous studies were not in the same discipline area, elective course credit may be awarded for previous courses completed at UniSA.

Students who wish to be considered for credit for previous UniSA studies will need to submit an Application for Credit. Credit that is approved will be regarded as internal credit.  Courses for which students receive internal credit will not be listed on the academic transcript for the new program.  They will remain listed on the academic transcript for the program in which the courses were completed.  However, internal credit will appear on each student's Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) as 'transfer credit' that contributed to the completion of the new program.  Internal credit will also appear in each student's myUniSA account and will be used by Campus Central when checking students' eligibility to graduate.  

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